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Our Product - Chickoo or Sapodilla

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Fresh Chickoo or Sapodilla

Sapodilla or the Manilkara Zapota is an evergreen tree, that's long residing and is local to the brand new global tropics. Though it's miles a local of Mexico, it changed into delivered to the Philippines by the Spanish Colonists. It is thought by means of the call of chikoo or chiku, or chickoo in India. South Asia and Pakistan. An average Sapodilla tree grows to about 30-40m in peak. The bark of the tree contains a white gummy latex referred to as the chicle.


The Chickoo bushes bear fruit two times in 12 months, thour they flower all 12 months round. The fruit, which grows brown in skin, similar to a potato. It grows to approximately 4-8 cm in diameter and can incorporate 2-10 seeds. Chickoo has a excessive latex content material and does not ripen until picked. It is extremely sweet to flavor, and tastes very similar to cotton candy or caramel and has a grainy texture.


Chickoo is cultivated most substantially in the Maharashtra and other states. The chickoo plantations in India cowl an area of approximately four,942 acres.


Varieties of Chickoo or Sapodilla:
As chickoos/sapodillas grow in India, some of the most usually grown varieties encompass Brown Sugar, Prolific, Russel and Tikal.


Storing Effectively - Chickoo or Sapodilla
Strict and mature Chickoo or Sapodilla ripen within 9-10 days, and rot for two weeks if there is a normal summer temperature and relative humidity. Storing at very low temperatures results in loss of fruit crops and result in low quality yields. Less relative humidity causes the fruit to collapse and decrease and the moisture absorbs humidity. In a controlled environment, if appropriate, Chickoo or Sapodilla can be stored in large amounts. They can be kept in refrigerators for many days. At 35 degrees Fahrenheit, they can be kept for six weeks.


Uses in Food
1. A dessert fruit, ripe Chickoo or Sapodilla can be cut into half of and served chilled. The flesh can be scooped out from the pores and skin, which isn't always eaten. Seeds must also fall out before eating fruit.
2. The fruit can also be introduced to sparkling salads to provide them a super flavor and flavor.
3. A beautiful dessert sauce can be made from Chickoo or Sapodilla.


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