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Our Product - Custard Apple Powder

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Custard Apple Powder

We are a producer, exporter, and trader of custard apple powder. Custard apple is a subtropical fruit belonging to the Annonacea family. The fruit grows on a small tree and is known by different names around the world. This fruit is about 8 cm diameter and sweet and delicious taste. Fruit size may be omitted, irregular, round, heart shape, or round. Among them, there is creamy and finely chopped meat surrounding the seeds. The fruit skin is thin and hard, usually in black and green color.


Product Details:
Product Type - Powder
Packing - Customized Packing
Availablility - Throughtout the year


1. Helps To Gain Weight
2. For A Better Immune System
3. Replenish Your Energy Levels
4. Natural Anti-cancerous Properties
5. For Better Brain Health
6. For A Strong Dental System
7. Keep Anemia Away With Custard Apple
8. For A Better Vision
9. For Better Cardiovascular Health
10. For A Stronger Digestive System
11. Good For Fetal Skin And Hair
12. Excellent Source Of Iron


Used in general applications:
1. Commonly used in Milk Shakes and Ice-Creams
2. Beverages
3. Baby drinks
4. Baby Foods
5. Ice-creams
5. Cake mixes
6. Sweets
7. Jellies
8. Baked Products
9. Milk Shakes


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