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Fresh Grapes

Maharashtra is a major state for the production of grapes across the country. Nashik is leading the state in terms of cultivation under grape and under grapes product. Since we are a coherent business organization in this highly competitive market, we are offering a comprehensive collection of packaged green grapes to our customers.


Seasons of Grape: India's pre-summer months, between January to April, are the prime months for harvesting grapes. Since this growing season falls between the Chilean and Mexican grape seasons, the Indian variety becomes vital in the year-round supply of grapes for export. The Thompson Seedless variety are harvested between January and April end; whereas the Flame, Sharad, Jumbo and Sonaka Seedless are harvested between January and March.


Product Details:
Product Type - Green Grapes, Black Grapes
Quality Available - A Grade and B Grade
Packaging Type Available - Carton, Crate, Corrugated Box
Packaging Size Available (In Kg/Ton) - 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg (As per buyer requirement)
Organic - Yes
Size / Capacity - As per buyer requirement
State of Origin - India, Maharashtra, Nashik


Product Feature:
1. Freshness
2. Purity
3. Optimum Quality
4. Excellent Packing
5. Highly Nutritious


Varieties in Grape:
Thompson Seedless - These grapes are gently-green seedless grapes with oblong berries, And there is a tasty sweet-sour in flavour. They serve as the bulk of table grapes that are exported from India.
Sharad Seedless - This bunch of grapes are black to purple in colour with medium sized oval shaped berries. They are sweet with a very crisp taste.
Jumbo Seedless - These grapes are also oval-shaped berries with an average size of 22mm - 24mm. These berries are usually available in big sized clusters of black and purple.
Sonaka Seedless - This variety is a bud-sport of Thompson Seedless grapes with elongated berries, and is the second largest grape variety that is exported from India.
Flame Seedless - These grapes are popularly in demand and are grown as a cross between Thompson, Cardinal and other grape varieties. This variety has small round berries in an attractive red shade.


Grades in Grape:
A Grade - 12 - 14 mm berry size, round or elongated shape. Juicy, compact bunch, triangular in shape. Firm fruit with light green - yellow colour, Delicious Good Palatability,
B Grade - 10 - 12 mm berry size, elongated or round shape. Juicy, Colour whitish yellow, fruit firm. Bunch compact but smaller than grade I. Good palatability.
C Grade - Berry size less than 10 mm Mostly round. Fruit soft Juicy. Bunch is small and less compact. Colour raw green with brown stem. Less palatability.


Export Specifications for Grapes

Middle East Thompson Seedless Amber 15 mm 1 kg 0-1 °C
Holland / Germany Sharad Seedless White / Amber / Black 16 mm 4.5 Kg / 9 kg 0-1 °C
U.K. Flame Seedless White / Pink 18 mm 4.5 Kg / 9 kg 0-1 °C


Month Wise Availability Chart

Thompson Seedless grape grape grape grape -- -- -- -- -- -- -- grape
Flame Seedless grape grape grape -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- grape
Sharad Seedless grape grape grape -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- grape
Jumbo Seedless grape grape grape -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- grape
Sonaka Seedless grape grape grape -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- grape


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