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Onion colour, tastes, the time and size of the harvest can vary. This difference makes it very versatile. We are taking all the necessary certifications from the APEDA for export and supply of onion from market like Lasalgaon, Vinchur, Pimpalgaon, Manmad, Nandgaon, Chandwad, Pune and Fursungi, and we keep the stocks of onions throughout the year.


Seasonal Differences of Onions - Onions are seasonal! In India, when they are harvested, they can be divided into two parts.

Spring / Summer Onion Traits -
1. Onions available in yellow, red and white colour from March to August
2. Can be known by their thin, light coloured skin
3. Water content is generally high, which reduces their shelf life and is more likely to occur faster
4. Taste range from sweet and gentle
5. Excellent to use in salads, sandwiches and fresh, lightly cooked or grilled dishes
6. Many special sweet onions are part of this class and are sold under a specific trade name or label
7. Note: Just like some families and all imported onions are offered throughout the year

Autumn / Winter Onion Traits -
1. Onions available in yellow, red and white colour in the month of August
2. It's easy to identify due to multiple layers of thick, highly coloured skin
3. Generally water sources are low, that’s why they have a longer shelf-life
4. Range from flavour to flavour it to the pungent
5. Best for delicious dishes that require longer cooking times or more flavour


Colors of Onions - Bulbs onions can be in colour of yellow, red or white. Approximately 87 percent of the crop is dedicated to the production of onion, 8% red onion and 5% white onion.
1. Yellowish Onions - The yellow ones are full-flavored and almost everything is a reliable standby for cooking. While cooking onions, it turns a rich, dark brown, and French Onion Soup gives its tangy sweet taste.
2. Red Onions - Grilling, Chart Broiling, and Roasting are a good choice for many fresh uses or grilling, with red onions, with its amazing colour.
3. White Onions - White onions are always used in ready-made soaps, white sauce, and traditional onion is a classic Mexican dish. When they are Sautéed they have a golden colour and sweet taste.


Product Details -
Product Type - Fresh Red Onions, White Onions and Yellowish Onions
Quality Available - A Grade, B Grade, C Grade
Onion Size Available - Small, Medium, Large
Types of Packaging Available - Gunny Bag, Net Bag, PP Bag
Cultivation Type - Fresh Cultivated and Dry Onion
Packaging Size Available (In Kg/Ton) - 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 50 Kg, 100 Kg
State of Origin - India, Maharashtra, Nashik
Sizes - 20mm to 70mm
Weight (Kilogram) - 10/20/25/40/50 KG
Packaging Details - The Fresh Well dried red/ Pink/ white and garwa onion packed in Jute bags as per buyer demand


Export Specifications for Onion

Malaysia, Singapore, Port Kelang, & African Ports Dark Red to Voilet 20 - 30 mm Globular / Pungent
Sri Lanka Dark Red to Light Red 20 - 30 mm Globular / Oval
Bangaladesh, Pakistan & Nepal Light Red to Dark Red 20 - 30 mm Globular / Pungent
Middle East & Gulf (Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.) Light Red to Dark Red 40 - 60 mm Globular / Pungent
Japan Yellowish / Brown 60 - 70 mm Globular / Less Pungent
Europe Yellowish / Brown 60 - 70 mm Globular / Less Pungent


Month Wise Availability Chart

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